The CD-ROM "Organic Chemistry" elements presented as a WWW-page

The multimedia course "Organic chemistry" is designed for studying chemistry in the 11-th form of secondary school and can be used at preparation for entrance to institutions of higher education. (demo.avi)

The complex educational material of the CD ROM "Organic chemistry" is presented by means of 3D graphics, formulas of chemical reactions, 3D animation of reactions, chains and bonds and a whole series of photos and digital video materials.

CD ROM includes:

  • 790 training fragments
  • 360 animations
  • 1400 graphics
  • 13 minutes of digital video
  • 7 hours of narration
  • 80 "sounded" formulas
  • 110 tests
  • 180 3D models
  • subject index containing 1150 elements
  • index of chemists containing 40 names

The course contains the following sections:

  1. Basic statements of organic chemistry.
  2. Saturated hydrocarbons.
  3. Unsaturated hydrocarbons. Alkenes. Alkynes.
  4. Aromatic hydrocarbons.
  5. Natural compounds. Polymers.
  6. Alchols and phenols.
  7. Carbonil compounds.
  8. Carboxilic acids.
  9. Carbohydrates.
  10. Nitrogen-containing compounds.

3D models of moleculas help the students to imagine the structure of organic substances and compounds.

A virtual model of an oil-processing plant is presented.

The information arranged in schemes can be viewed by means of navigational form "Flower".

The mode "Experiments" provides the students with ample opportunities to preview and take part in several laboratory experiments in the basic sections of the course.

"Test" mode allows the students to check their progress using a set of tests on the basic sections of the course.

The subject and name indexes
of the CD ROM "Organic chemistry" can be used for rapid searching of educational information.

Double-level Menu and Preview system allow convenient browsing through the course.