CD-ROM "Natural Science" (part 1)
Educational multimedia CD-ROM "Natural Science"
will help the children of 10-12 years old
to learn the bases of such complicated sciences
as Physics and Chemistry.
Specially developed multimedia engine allowed us to create an unusual educational software looking like a modern computer game. 3D characters with actor's voices, high level interactivity, a combination of 2D and 3D animation and graphic, songs -
all these elements have become ordinary for computer games, but they are met so seldom in educational software for schools.
Instead of studying
phenomena of nature in classroom
the teacher Tatyana Michaylovna
and two pupils -
a bright girl Masha
and a curious boy Petya
go for a fascinating walk.
A song about multimedia (mp3)
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The contens of CD-ROM consists of the following sections:
  Physical phenomena
While visiting the islands "Matter", "Forces" and "Physical phenomena", the pupils Masha and Petya will go to the forest,
to the park, to the stadium, to the beach and many other places,
where they will learn a lot of new and interesting things about physical and chemical concepts and phenomena.
CD-ROM comprises:
  • 350 educational fragments
  • 250 animations
  • 350 graphic illustrations
  • 10 minutes of video
  • 3 hours of the narration
The sideshows are suitable
for the explanation of mechanical motions
and the sand on the beach
will ease the perception
of the concept of pressure.
The an interactive,
game-like learning exercise
will help pupils
to understand natural phenomenas.
Petya and Masha
take part in the investigation
of physical phenomena.
Video and animation help
to explain the physical processes.
A subject index may be used
for the fast search of necessary educational material.
The system "PREVIEW" will help the navigation through CD-ROM.

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Mari State Technical University,
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