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Apidermin. Facial cream with royal jelly.

The description of the preparation: facial cream contains royal jelly, a natural product with numerous nutritious components, biological concentrates with proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, vitamins, such as group A and B, hormones and specific vital factors, which function as biocatalysts in the process of cell metabolism and providing biological balance in the skin.

Cream contains also: lanolin, whale's fat, cholesterol, vitamin A, bees wax, and other substances traditionally used in cosmetics.

Indications for usage: this cream prevents wrinkles from appearing on the face, and has a refreshing effect. The skin acquires natural physiological freshness and elasticity. The cream can be used as a protective layer in bad weather conditions or as a foundation for powder.

Usage: for making your skin tender and velvety we recommend that you should use the cream on a cleansed by a lotion skin. Massage your skin lightly in the direction of wrinkles until it is completely absorbed by the skin.

Cream < Apidermin> is distinguished by a rich variety of vitamins in it, especially vitamin A, which gives excellent results. Skin becomes elastic and velvet.

Hormones that royal jelly contains influence blood circulation in skin and promote tissue regeneration, makes the skin velvet and elastic, retards the development of wrinkles.

leaves no fat places and doesn't make your skin glisten, doesn't cause intolerant reactions and is well suits any type of skin.

can be used both in the morning and in the evening, it gives natural freshness to the face and elasticity.

Constant usage of the cream makes the effects stable. It is produced in boxes with 40 gr and 25 gr of the cream.


Facial cream with propolis extract.

A facial cream with propolis extract contains lanolin, bees wax, whale fat, propolis extract etc. It has a yellowish-green color which depends on propolis origin. It is a enriching and softening cream, having a regenerating effect on the skin and making it velvet.

Due to propolis, which is rich in plant resins, and also essential oils, the preparation has an antiseptic effect on skin. It also has a soothing effect on the skin disposed to irritation.

The facial cream with a soft propolis extract is applied in small portions and rubbed with the help of a light massage in to the skin. It can be used either in the morning or in the evening, before going to bed. The cream is applied only after the skin has been completely cleansed. The recommended cleansing preparations are and for removing make up. Soap is not recommended for usage. The cream is produced in the form of tubes with 35 gr of cream in each.

Floramin. Facial cream with honey.

It is an enriching and softening cream. It contains wax, bee honey, whale fat, stearin, and other admixtures traditionally used in cosmetics.

Due to its complex structure and rich composition, containing ferments, sugars, vitamins, minerals, etc it enriches skin, makes it fresh, and elastic.

The cream is used for care of dry, normal and even fat type of skin. It has a regenerating effect and retards the development of wrinkles.

It is applied on cleansed by camomile infusion, skin. It is taken is small doses and is rubbed until the skin absorbs it completely. the cream can be used as a night cream and as a powder foundation.

This cream is recommended mostly for care of sensitive skin. It is produced in boxes with 25 grams of honey in each.

Queen . The cream for a fat skin and after shave.

is an emulsion, which besides usual cosmetic components contains royal jelly. The cream has a pearly-white color and a pleasant odour. Stearates are the basis for this cream. They include royal jelly- a substance rich in vitamins, hormones, ferments, proteins, specific vital factors, that are very important for normalizing face skin condition.

The cream is recommended for fat skin, and after shaving for men. It is very quickly absorbed by skin and doesn't leave any fat glistening. It disinfects the skin and enriches the skin of the face and makes it velvet and fresh. It normalizes lipid metabolism in the skin and stimulates skin blood circulation.

The cream is used in small doses and is rubbed until completely absorbed by the skin. It is used in the morning for fat skin and after shaving for men. It is produced in boxes 40 gr each.

Tenapin. An enriching lotion for face.

royal jelly and pollen, which are the main components of the cream, are natural elements, containing hormones, vitamins, enzymes, and specific vital factors that provide a wonderful biological balance of the skin. Vitamins enrich and preserve the skin, their absence leads to its drying and dermatitis. Lotion besides its enriching and stimulating effects provides quick skin cleansing and preserves its elasticity and balance.

This preparation is used for removing make up, for taking care of the skin. It contains royal jelly, pollen, cholesterol and etc, it is easily absorbed by the skin and makes it clean and velvet.

It recommended for dry, normal and fat types of skin, is successfully used against blackheads and disinfects the skin. It has a good effect on dilapidated skin pores, tones up and refreshes skin. It is applied with a cotton tampon and is tenderly rubbed into the skin of face and neck in the direction of wrinkles formation.

The bottle is shaken before usage. Lotion has a pleasant odor and is produced in bottles 100ml each.

Antirid. Enriching emulsion for face.

is a milk emulsion for taking care and cleansing the skin. It contains fat substances and royal jelly. It is quickly absorbed by the skin, refreshes and tones it up.

Royal jelly is rich in vitamins product, it contains vitamins, proteins, hormones, enzymes, minerals, it enriches skin and makes its velvety and elastic.

The main substances providing regenerating processes: lanolin, whale fat, bees wax are used in the production of this product.

Lotion is used for care of skin predisposed for wrinkles. The lotion is applied in small doses with the help of cotton tampon over face and neck in the areas of wrinkles. The procedure can be performed in the morning, and after using we recommend that a cool compress should be applied.

Lotion for face is a good substitute of a cream, it can be used for normal, fry and fat types of skin. It is produced in the form of bottles 100ml each.


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