Treatment of stomach and duodenal ulcer by spirit propolis solution


*Almost all bee products, which are used for treatment, have definite positive side effects. For instance in artificial feeding of babies honey neutralises a number of negative consequences of such feeding. Used externally propolis except its medicinal properties also strengthens immune system. People in this country don't have sufficient information about the usefulness of bee products, and accordingly don't use them properly. Neither have doctors. As a result we consume a very small amount of bee products.

According to our observations propolis itself gives wonderful results in treating patients with atonic wounds, radio-dermatitis, burns who have been treated traditionally and the treatment gave insignificant or no results at all. It turned out that anaesthetic and trophico-granulating effects are successfully used both for treating skin defects and mucous membrane damage of alimentary canal. 25 patients who have been suffering from stomach and duodenal ulcer for 3-27 years given a treatment during acute attack with characteristic symptoms: stomach aches and aches in the right subcostal plane, aches after taking meals and night aches. 30% spirit solution of propolis dissolved in 15-30 ml of water (in order to avoid local irritation caused by concentrate of propolis) is taken 30 minutes before meals. Dosage gradually increases from 5 to 40 drops at a time 3 times a day. Simultaneously patients were given flaxseeds brew prepared in the following way: 2 spoonfuls of flaxseeds boil 15-20 minutes in 0,5 litres of water. It is taken before meal 100-120 ml before propolis.

There is a formula which includes propolis and milk in literature but statistics show that 10% of people are allergic to fresh milk (intolerance) To avoid this undesirable effect milk has been substituted by flax seeds brew that soothes local irritation that occurs after consuming propolis.

A. Mikhailov

Translated from Bolgarian


English translation © Irina Yelsukova