Tell me the mirror how beautiful I am


Nowadays most of us has fallen on had times: instability and lack of confidence in the future, worry about our own health and the life of our nearest and dearest, numerous everyday difficulties and challenges prevent us from looking after ourselves. Fear, annoyance, depression steal our beauty, health, and youth.

Nevertheless let's fill ourselves with optimism and believe that beauty will save the world and do our best to make this statement true.

Let's use old and true remedies. More than 4000 years people are developing the art of making oneself more beautiful-cosmetics. And if decorative cosmetics is the matter of choice, hygienic cosmetics should be the matter of habit. Nowadays the choice of Russian and foreign cosmetic products is great but it's not always affordable. You can prepare masks, lotions, creams according to your type of skin at home yourselves. Their main advantage is that they contain only natural components: beekeeping products, herbs.

Honey -lemon mask.

Squeezed and filtered lemon juice of one lemon is added into 100 grams of honey. The syrup may be kept for a long time. It is applied daily before washing on the face, neck and low part of the neck.

Honey-curd mask.

Three tea spoonfuls of curd and a tea spoonful of honey are whipped, the mask is applied on the face for 15-20 minutes, the mask is washed by a tampon with milk. Wind, severe frosts, hot weather, dust fasten the processes of skin ageing and drying. In this case conditioning, nourishing and protecting of the skin are necessary.

Cold cream is one of the oldest beauty aids. Various natural products can be used in them: honey, sour cream, flour, curdled milk, brine from pickles, plant and animal facts, berries and vegetables. They help to preserve skin beautiful and elastic. Honey masks are good for any type of skin.

Conditioning preparations

A teaspoonful of honey is mixed with a teaspoonful of cold cream, and a few drops of lemon juice are added. A thin layer of the mass is applied on the face for half an hour and then is washed with warm water. The same procedure can be made with the following mask: two table spoonfuls of honey, two spoonfuls of warm milk, two table spoonfuls of wheat bran and juice of half a lemon. For dry skin two table spoonfuls of honey are mixed with table spoonful of curds in the pan heated in hot water. Half a tea spoonful of honey is mixed with a teaspoonful of oat flour and a whipped egg white.

Swelling of eyelids and face can be cured by honey, herbs and egg masks.

Gourd mask ( for swelling of the face). Two table spoonfuls of minced gourd is boiled in a small amount of water with half a table spoon of honey. The mask is applied on a cleansed dry face through a gauze and covered with a water proof material.

Refreshing mask (for tired skin). Into a whipped egg white a table spoonful of whole milk, honey and lemon juice are added. Then an amount of oat flour necessary to make the mass thick is added. The mask is washed in 15 minutes with warm water. A cold compress is applied after the mask. This mask removes fatigue and sooths the skin.

The following formulas of masks will help you to make your skin young, smooth wrinkles.

Honey mask.

A table spoonful of honey is mixed with a table spoonful of oat flour and two tablespoonfuls of milk.

Honey masks are contra-indicated to people with dilated blood vessels.

Carrots- and-apples mask.

Peeled carrots and apples (in equal amounts) are grated and mixed with honey.

These are the masks for dry and irritated skin.

Honey -milk mask.

Honey is mixed with sour cream, milk, cream and curds. This mask softens, drooping, yellowish and makes it white.

Honey-whisky mask.

100 grams of honey are heated and 50 grams of whisky are added. The mask softens even the dried skin, and makes it more elastic.

Oat honey mask.

A table spoonful of oat flour a yolk, a tea spoonful of honey, and a few drops of plant oil.

Hair as well as skin is the indicator of our health and of general condition, a good care can make them beautiful and shiny. To reduce its dryness specialists suggest the using of nourishing products taking care and rinsing it together with a good regime of washing and well chosen shampoos and conditioners.

Make a mixture of one yolk, a table spoonful of mayonnaise, a tea spoonful of honey, two minced pieces of garlic, and a day before washing hair rub the mass into head skin and into hair itself.

Fair hair will have a beautiful tan after rinsing it with a diffusion of lime, camomile flowers, petals of sunflower and calendula.

Pour boiling water into two table spoonfuls of dry lime flowers and infuse it during 30 minutes.

Boil two table spoonfuls of sunflower petals and boil it in a litre of water for 5 minutes.

For greasy hair and for curing seborrhoea plant treatment is recommended, its effect is slow but reliable.

Three tea spoonfuls of minced oak bark is boiled in a liter of water during 15 minutes. The decoction is filtered and is used in washing hair once in three days without soap until recovery.

A table spoonful of young nettle is poured over with a glass of boiling water, and in 3-4 hours the decoction is filtered. It should be rubbed into the head skin or for rinsing.

Spirit or thuja or calendula tinctures are used for treating greasy hair. St. John's wort tincture can be also used. 20 grams of the herb (dry flowers and leaves) are poured over with a glass of boiling water and is boiled during 10 minutes, then it is filtered and cooled.( it is also effective for rubbing into the greasy face skin)

Rubbing olive oil with honey is also very effective for treating hair. Mix 200 grams of olive oil and 100 grams of fluid honey. Let the mixture draw for a day or two. Rub the mixture into the head skin and comb, be careful not to hurt the skin. Cover your hair with polyethylene and keep it for half an hour. Then shampoo it and rinse carefully. This will make your hair shiny and radiant. We hope that you'll choose the formula that suits you. Be healthy and beautiful.


English translation © Irina Yelsukova