Strong meads


Raspberry mead

Ripen raspberries are put into a barrel, poured over with clean water for a day or two, then water is poured off, the raspberries are squashed, and honey is added 1-2 parts on 3 parts of water, a piece of fried bun or of rye bread, and a little yeasts. After fermenting has begun, the bread is taken away and the honey continues fermenting for five more days. For good taste and fragrance small bags of cinnamon and clove are placed in the honey. After eight day’s fermentation in a dark place the honey is filtered and barrels are placed in the cold.


Pure Russian mead

One part honey and a part and a half water are mixed and heated until the mixture begins to boil. After this it ferments with the use of selected strains of yeasts.


Country mead

Take three kg of white honey and 400 gr. of sugar per nine litres of water, boil it in the saucepan, then pour it off into the tub and cool the mixture. Then peel lemon rind, remove pips and to squeeze the juice out of a lemon pulp and pour it into the cooled mixture, then add a tablespoonful of yeasts and when the mixture has fermented, clarify it with seven gram of gelatine. After having kept the mead on ice for two weeks, pour it into bottles.


Strong mead of Astrakhan

Dissolve 2,5 kg of honey in 9 litres of water and add a bottle of yeasts into a large earthenware pot, 3 litres of wheat flour and a bottle of honey- and –water solution. Boiled in 60 gram of water, hop is added into the earthenware pot, which is put into a warm place for three-four hours for fermenting. This mixture is poured into honey and water solution and is taken into a cool place, where the liquid ferments three days. Having filtered the mead, pour it into another barrel and let it ferment eight-twelve days, adding sixty gram of raw honey daily, so that the drink doesn’t lose sweetness in the result of continuous fermentation.


Pink mead

2,6 kg of dark honey per a litre of water is boiled in an open saucepan, then the mixture is filtered several times through a sack filled with 0,4 kg of dry bilberry. Fermentation begins after you add half a glass of yeasts. The mixture is clarified by 1,5 gr. of gelatin. Rose oil gives a specific bouquet to the wine, a drop per a bucket. Before pouring mead into bottles, it should stay on ice during two months otherwise it would be muddy. It can be stored for a year.


Strong mead


English translation © Irina Yelsukova