Spring vitamin deficiency


In spring almost all the people to a greater of lesser extent suffer from vitamin deficiency, that makes a man lethargic, exhausted, absent-minded and loses ability to work. As a result of all this and also due to unfavourable environmental influence: acute temperature changes unbalanced diet, toxic effect of bad habits (not only smoking and alcoholic, but also uncontrolled consumption of coffee and sugar. It is noteworthy that sugar requires a lot of vitamins, especially vitamin C, to be metabolised, weakens immune system. A human has high adaptability to constantly changing conditions of life. Until the influence of all the negative factors reaches the critical point, a human feels quite well, in spite of the organism overworking. But a breakdown may occur at any moment. Children are affected by the changes to a greater extent. Absent-mindedness at the lessons and inability to digest the material these are slightest problems that can be caused by vitamin deficiency. Our ancestors took neither panadol nor coldrex, but somehow managed to bring up healthy progeny. Diseases such as allergy and other were unknown. Of course we can't compare the ecology of those times with that of ours. But the main way of taking care of health was regular consumption honey and other bee products. In ancient Egypt honey was given to schoolchildren. Nowadays in many countries the so-called apiprophylaxis is provided. Pedagogues from elite schools strengthen their pupils' health not only by honey but also by pollen that contains all the necessary for the development of a child’s organism amino acids. Practice has showed that a child who regularly take pollen collected by honeybees, not only falls ill rarer but are more active and cheerful than those children who don't consume it. Honey has the same effect. In Spain for example honey makes part of more than 122 types of children’s nourishment. If each child took honey every day he would have no idea about many diseases. And adults who take this sweet product every day wonderfully restore their ability to work, activity, and enjoy their life to the full.

We can't but recall propolis, because it is natural antiseptic. Its antiseptical properties make propolis indispensable both for prophylaxis and for cure of diseases. More over propolis wonderfully removes residues from an organism. In the process of organism activity some cells die and other appear. The remnants of dead cells are residues. Any propolis: native (1 gram a day), in oil (half a spoon a day), with honey (a teaspoonful for adults and half a teaspoonful for children below 12 before meals) - removes residues from an organism. Honey improves eyesight, removes radionuclides, and helps to cure cardio-vascular and skin diseases. There is a rare combination of micro- and microelements in this product and more over there is much potassium and a complete set of vitamins. As a result of honey consumption the durability of organism systems and organs increases. Diastase ferment (amylase) has a very high medicinal effect. Diastase correspondence to the norm can be tested only in the laboratory. Diastase number shouldn’t exceed 7 units. Low diastase number indicates that honey has been wrongly stored or has been falsificated.

So in order to prevent spring vitamin deficiency, take at least a spoonful of honey (better before going to bed), dissolving it in a glass of warm water. If you already suffer from vitamin deficiency then the daily dose must be no less than 100 gram a day during 2 weeks.

Rusankina T.


English translation © Irina Yelsukova