Propolis (for human health)


Distilled water dissolves no more than 2,5% of propolis. Such a solution can be used for treatment of various types of eczema, but it canít be stored for more than two weeks, as mould appears on its surface.

Another way is to dissolve propolis in ethyl alcohol. Its maximal concentration can be 60%. Propolis solution in essential oils is used for instance for producing biological pellicle. Ether evaporates quickly and the pellicle provides a rapid wound healing. Suspensive-emulsive type of propolis (propolis dissolves in water and mixes with the insoluble residue and forms a homogenised mixture) is used in pharmacology and medicine for production of medicinal sweets and chewing gums. In order to use propolis properties to the full it is necessary to know its composition. When propolis properties investigation was begun 30 years ago only its 64 components were known. Now about 300 components are known. This is a very complex mixture of different substances, which fall into 5 groups. The first includes bioflavonoids, the second-vitamins, the third- aromatic acids, the fourth- aldehydes, and the fifth- microelements. All this taken together gives medicinal properties, from which the man benefits a lot. Its main property is antibacterial.

If you sow and multiply colonies of bacteria in the Petri dish and then add propolis there bacteria cease to grow (bacteriostatic effect).

Propolis has a directed anaesthetic effect, causing local anesthesia, more over it is 3,5 times more effective than standard anaesthetics. Researches showed that propolis has an immune stimulating activity, increasing the number of content of gamma globulin in blood. Propolis speeds up the process of epithelization of tissue. The experiment held by the Russian scientists showed that wounds cleansed by propolis skinned 30% quicker than those cleansed by antibiotics. Festering wounds healed more effectively and converted to epithelium. At present propolis activity against 4 viruses and first of all against the virus of herpes (both on the lips and in the form of sty on the eyelid). Propolis is ruinous for the influenza viruses and influenza, various combinations of viruses and bacteria. Protection from radiation is one more propolis property, in other words abatement of a harmful radiation activity. It is well known that radiation by alpha, beta and gamma particles diseases very difficult to cure. Bad burns appear as a result of the radiation, which are treated with ointments of a special composition. The usage of an ointment with propolis 30% accelerates the skinning. The effect of propolis protection from radiation is proved by another method. An ointment with propolis was spread over the skin and imposed to radiation. This experiment is very important because radiation burns are very difficult to treat and produce bad scars.

All these biological properties of propolis are widely used in dermatology for treating eczema of various origins, including bacterio-viral. A 1% (a gram of propolis per 99 gram of vaseline) and a 5% ointments are usually used in medicine. For treating of wounds a 40% solution of propolis in spirit (resembles an iodine solution) is put immediately on the wound. In combination with honey propolis is effective in treating

bedsores. In otolaryngology propolis is used for treating ear inflammation. Some of the 40% solution of propolis in spirit is poured on a piece of cotton wool and inserted into an ear canal. Solution exhalation penetrates inwards and relieves the disease and cures it. This solution is very effective in treating of Eustachian tube inflammation and also mechanical injuries of mouth cavity especially by little children. A piece of cotton is imbued by a weak solution and the tampon is placed on a lesioned place.

As propolis doesnít dissolve in saliva, the more it is contiguous with the wound the more it is effective.

Very good results have been obtained in treating of upper respiratory tract infections. Spirit propolis solution, diluted with water is used for gargling or inhalation. Inhalations lasting only 3 minutes give good results. They can be practiced several times a day.

Water propolis solution is used in treating stomach and duodenum diseases. When the solution reaches ulcer, the stomach sides absorb water and a biological pellicle appears on the surface that has 2 functions: releases pain and promotes tissue regeneration. Every ulcer has a lot of bacteria on its surface. Propolis suppresses bacterial activity, stops their growth and cures the disease. Mixture of propolis with honey accelerates the process of treating.

It is stated that periodontitis in its initial stage is curable. Rubbing propolis solution into gums or chewing special chewing gums with propolis slows the process of periodontitis development or stops it. In scientific literature where there are more than 1500 works propolis is described as a remedy for treating many other diseases.

It is worthwhile mentioning other products of beekeeping, which are used in apitherapy. So honey strengthens the immune system and is essential for treating influenza. Bee milk is effective for treating weak or recently operated patients and people in neurotic condition.

More over royal jelly is a wonderful antineurotic remedy. Wax is used in cosmetics and stomatology for making moulds of gums and teeth. Venom is only used for treating people suffering from rheumatism. It is well known that bee poison is capable of dissolving salt deposits and the deposits of the urea acid in the organism. Bee poison dissolves these sediments and removes them from the organism, as a result joints become more mobile and above all the pain is relieved. Statistics shows that the number of beekeepers suffering from rheumatic complications is very small. In modern medicine pollen is used in combination with royal jelly for recovery old people and the sick, for treating prostatitis in its initial stage, ( 1 spoonful of pollen is syringed daily).

Is it possible to use raw propolis?

Such propolis can be used in the form of thin lamina, which are applied to wounds and cuts, but the treatment is long-drawn.

How is propolis used for treating ulcer?

15 drops of propolis spirit solution, added into tea or water, are taken in the morning and in the evening. It is advised not to add propolis into milk as milk fixes propolis.

What can you say about propolis used as iodine tincture?

Skin should be cleansed by a 40% spirit propolis tincture. A solution of higher concentration dries skin.

Can propolis be used for treating hemorrhoid?

Yes, as well as for treating other inflammations in rectum. Propolis ointment is used both externally and inside rectum.


English translation © Irina Yelsukova