Other uses of wax


In apicalture wax is used for artificial unrefined beeswax. More than a half of wax produced is used for this purpose. It is widely used in many branches of industry. In perfumery for example beeswax is used for obtaining the stable essential oil that is equal in quality to a rose and jasmin ones much cheaper though. More than 5 kg of essential oil is obtained from 1 ton of wax, the portion left after manufacture is used for industrial purposes.

There is another "profession of wax". In old times it was used for making specific oil colours. Pictures painted with them retain their bright colours for ages. A man knew the secrets of their production 5 thousand years ago. By XII century they had been lost. Only in 1935 a painter called Kchvostenko was able to restore the old masters' recipe, while making experiments he had mercury poisoming and died. Wax is used for making candles artificial bodics for medicine, bust and status; in a number of countries there are museums where wax sculptures are on display. Wax was used for corpse embalming, in electrical engineering, printing industry, wood-working, textile and glass industries.

The broad wax usage is certainly stipulated by its unique properties as softness, and plasticity. It melted at a low temperature, is well mixed with many organic substances, is not dissolved in water, is abstolately harmless.

Home made stock such as compotes, jams pickles can be wax sealed for storage. The filled jam-pots are sterilized for some time and after beeing cooled they are sealed with melted wax by 2 cm layer. The hardened hermetic cover protecls food from spoiling for along time. Wax is helpful at sewing too. Before sewing on buttons rub the thread with wax to give it strength. It is next to impossible to enumerate all the cosmetics containing beeswax. The content of wax in them is not large bu t the part it plays is considerable due to its unique properties making the products health- giving. Wax composition is close to a number of skin fat elements. It helps forming a thin sheath on the skin surface preventing it from fat loss, is well taken in, making the skin soft and youger. It is the part of skin creams, lipsticks, eyebrow penciles, cream rouge, deodorants; skin masks, skampoos, especially for sensitive skin use.


English translation © Irina Yelsukova