Elixir of health


Since ancient times honey has been considered to prolong human life. So a famous philosopher and mathematician Pifagor who lived in 580-500 BC wrote that he had managed to live 80 years only due to taking honey regularly. Another example is connected with the Rome senator Paul Rumelian. Julius the Caesar who had been invited to the senator’s 100th anniversary asked him about the remedy that helped him to live to a ripe old age. The senator’s answer was short- honey. In the famous “Book of life” by Ajur Ved it is written about the youth elixir with honey, which made it possible to prolong life. A recipe of a medicinal drink consisting of milk and honey has survived up to our times. On yellowed with age pages of ancient Chinese manuscripts we can find interesting information on honey preventive properties. The book “The description of plant and grass of fertility God” on top of all that it says that honey “fortifies will, gives the body agility, preserves youth and prolongs life”.

In Buddhist pharmacopoeia honey is considered to be a remedy for prolonging life. Ancient Hindus also regarded honey to have not only a medicinal or strengthening properties but also ability to preserve youth.

Greeks had a myth about honey divine origin. Homer glorified its miraculous power in his “Iliad and Odyssey”. A drink “kikeon” which had honey in its composition gave strength and courage to warriors and was used for treating the sick.

The Greek thought that this god given food grants immortality and eternal life.

Plutarch describing the life of the father of medicine Hippocrates said that he lived to a ripe old age due to constant honey taking. In his works Hippocrates also emphasized unique honey properties – to prolong life.

The latest investigations confirmed honey medicinal properties. Honey is one of the main components of diets of most people who lived long. N. Vitvitsky wrote that a polish poet Trembitsky for more than 30 years lived on a diet including honey. They got acquainted when Trembitsky was no more than 80 years and he was pleasantly surprised by his fresh look. Trembitsky's teacher-poet Molvaker was 120 but he looked as if he was 70. He also ate honey every day. Soviet Science Academy by means of questionnaires of 130 people who are above 100 years found out that 80% of them ware beekeepers. Such famous beekeepers as Gezron, Tsander, Ruth lived to a ripe age. Bernard Shaw a famous Irish playwright and poet was also a beekeeper.

New York gerontologist Schweishcimer pointed out a surprising vigor that some of his patients had. As it was later discovered all of them were engaged in beekeeping and had honey in their diet.

In some countries honey is called "milk for the old". Jarvis a famous American writer says: "Honey due to its numerous positive properties makes old age distant ". It's a pity that some people prefer sugar to honey. It's not easy to explain to them that you should never economize on health. When one falls ill he or she spends much more money on medicines and dietetic products necessary for recovery. These examples show that a regular use of honey every day improves immune system and prolongs life. That's why you should treat honey as your best friend who takes care of your health.

Translation from Serbian.


English translation © Irina Yelsukova