Bees in poetry. (a piece of poetry devoted to a beekeeper)

How are you getting on my dear friend
And how is your school?
What other interests do you have
And how are the bees doing?
I'm at a sunset of my age
Fell in love with this small creature
And gave it my heat and my soul
And found my comfort in it.
A man is a child how old he is
And he passes his life in playing
Sometimes crying and sometimes laughing
He changes his games very often
I used to be a fisherman
Now I am a beekeeper,
Wish I could prosper and become wealthy
I bought piles of books
Written by the brightest men
And I am studying them all day and all night
Potehin, Butlerov, Bertran,
Langstrot, Dubinin, Prokopovich
These are the apostles of beekeeping
When I have some spare time
I read their works
Dreaming about bee swarms in summer
With great patience I was sitting by the hive
Waiting for swarming
It is about to swarm
And the hope makes me feel calm
Wow! Terrible noise in the hive
And the bees swarm is flying out the hive
Shall I spray water over them
So that they don't fly into the sky
But I'd better not take a risk
So that not to interfere into nature's way
I'll wait until it finishes
What is has started.
I was waiting all day
But bees didn't swarm
But suddenly they began to swarm
And the bees from the hive disappeared
And went into the meadow
To look for another homesite
And my mother swarm went into the winter
But I fear the frosts
Which are sever here
Might destroy the bees' family
Together with my hopes.
on an apiary.
Covered with winter's sleep
The orphan garden is brooding
And sad apple trees
Look very thoughtful
I walk to the bushes
Where hives used to be in summer
And where nightingales used to sing
So sweetly
Where in a fragrant air
On a hot summer day
A crazy bee swarm was buzzing
Under cherry trees
Alas! Neither bees nor nightingales can be heard
In a deep deep sleep of winter
And of my apiary
There where there were hives
The wind has blown snow
I'm sad to see my ruined garden
And with the sense of pity
I made my way back.
New year signs
If there is hoar frost
At night, then you should expect
A good harvest of wheat
If there are many stars in the sky
Then there will be little wheat
But a lot of peas
If there is snow flying in the year
On New Year's eve then
Bees in summer will be good at swarming.


English translation © Irina Yelsukova