Active long life or what is honey venom


Is there any remedy that can give health, vivacity, and ability to work all life long. Bees give people such a panacea.

Bees learnt to take the best from plants in the process of evolution: nectar ( from which honey make honey), pollen (after adding bees' ferments and nectar it turns into перга), plant resin collected by bees after adding some bees' ferments turn into propolis. Everything is used for the purposes of the bee family.

Bee venom is beneficial because it contains elements collected from the plants. Why bees stings are so painful? Because of formic acid. Nettle also contains formic acid, and has a well pronounced effect. The difference lies in the fact that bees venom is directly injected into muscle tissue and the concentration of formic acid is greater in bees venom.

Pain is usually soon reduced by a strong anaesthetic which bees venom contains-peptide-adolapin, a strong anaesthetic and sedative. This effect is reached due to the presence of endorphin-like substance, which reducing pain has a sedative effect and raises spirits.

The time of anaesthetic effect ranges from a few hours up to two days. Gradually an anti-inflammatory effect, caused by mellitin, which also makes a part of bees venom. In our organism mellitin activates two main glands: adrenal cortex and hypophysis and they begin to secrete hormones with a strongest anti-inflammatory effect. Peptide 401 is 100 times stronger than corticosteroid. That's why rheumatic poliarthritis and poliarthritis of any other origin , and rheumatic muscle diseases, rheumatic heart disease can be effectively cured by bees stings.

Another peptide is cardiopen. It has an antiarrhythmic effect, that's why bees venom can cure ischemia, stenocardia, hypertension. Due to its blood vessels dilapidating effect and clearing the walls of vessels from plaques (bee venom dissolves them), and also due to its sedative and diuretic effect. Bee venom cures post infarct conditions. Bees venom has a heparin-like effect, that's why heart muscle recovers sooner and no scar is left (bees venom heals even keloid scars), that's why arrhythmia practically never occurs. Vessel walls become elastic and the tissues are better provided with all the necessary elements, that helps a person to regain his health. Patient become healthier, more beautiful and have a better ability to work.

It has been discovered that honey contains ferments (beneficial components) that are thirty times are more active than snake's venom: hyaluronidaza, phospholipase, and alpha- glucosidase. Bees venom contains proteins, amino acids, and microelements. Beekeepers are as a rule long-livers, active long-livers. Their cardio-vascular system is in a wonderful condition, and infarct threatens them.

From ancient recipes.

Cutlets made of minced smoked gammon.

500 gr. of minced smoked gammon, 500 gr. of minced fresh pork, 2 slices of wetted bread, _ of tea spoonful of black pepper, 2 tea spoonfuls of cut into small pieces onion, _ of a glass of milk.

The sauce: _ of a glass of honey and _ of a glass of sugar, 3 table spoonfuls of vinegar, a table spoonful of mustard.

Smoked gammon, pork, onion, spices milk, and bread should be carefully mixed. Make cutlets and fry them until they are crusted. Boil in a saucepan honey, sugar, mustard and vinegar for a minute. Join a part of the sauce with cutlets and put into an oven for 20 minutes. Serve with the rest of the sauce.

Pork slices under a marinade.

500 gr. of pork ham, a little oil for frying.

Marinade: _ of the bottle of soybean sauce, 1/3 parts of honey, 1 table spoonful of sugar, a piece of garlic, and _ of tea spoonful of ginger.

Cut meat into pieces and make a marinade. Pour marinade over meat and pit it into a dish and leave in a cool places for 6-8 hours. Then fry it on oil and spread the rest of the marinade over it. Serve with rice and ears in a sweet-sour sauce, stripes of pepper and rings of onion.

Liver in a hunter's way.

1 kg. of liver (of wild or domestic animals), 2 table spoonfuls of honey, salt.

This snack can be prepared in camping conditions. First prepare liver by soaking it in honey and salt solution, for two hours. Then cut it into pieces 200-250 grams each. Then spit it and put the spits at an angle to the fire 20-30 cm from the fire. The spits should be turned in the process of frying, so that the roast meat didn't burn.

Meat in a forest way.

200 gr. of meat of game or domestic animals, 1-2 table spoonfuls of forest berries, blackberries or red bilberries, _ of glass of wine, 2-3 mushrooms, _ of onion, a carrot, spicy pepper, a piece of pork fat, fat for frying, flour, honey, salt.

Boil forest berries during 15 minutes in a little amount of water, and rub through the sieve, and the juice add to wine, add a tea spoonful of honey and take off the gas stove. Beat meat from the both sides, roll it in flour and fry on a hot gas stove until it is goldish. Stew in the same fat pork fat, onion, a carrot, mushrooms until they are soft, add a little honey and spicy pepper and pour the juice of forest berries over it. Add two tea spoonfuls of flour and heat until it boils. Pour the sauce over the meat while serving it. serve salads of beet or potatoes. Lemon juice and black pepper can be sprinkled over the meat.

Lamb with mint and honey.

1 kg. of lamb, _ of glass of warm water, _ of glass of honey, a table spoonful of vinegar, 2 table spoonfuls of fresh minced mint, or a table spoonful of dry mint, salt and black pepper.

Mix all the products, except honey in a dish for a sauce, and boil covered for 5 minutes. Sprinkle meat with salt and balck pwpper and fry in the oven 5 minutes, then pour half of a mint sauce over it and then fry another 5 minutes and turn the meant and pour the rest of the sauce over it and keep in the oven until it is ready.

Chicken with honey.

1500 gr. of domestic bird meat, 1/3 of a glass of flour, a tea spoonful of spicy pepper and salt each, butter, honey, lemon.

Mix meat with flour. Then fry slightly slices of chicken on butter. Prepare honey with lemon juice (1/3 of a glass of honey and _ of a glass of lemon juice). Put the chicken slices on the baking tray and pour the sauce over it, sprinkle with salt and spicy pepper. Bake 15-20 minutes in the oven.

Goose fried with apples.

A goose of middle size, 15 small sour apples, a table spoonful of honey, 4 table spoonfuls of raisins, salt, parsley, 8-10 of olives.

Draw the goose, and rub it with salt from inside and outside,. Peel 6-7 apples, cut them in four parts and take away seed vessels. Wash raisins, soak it in hot water until they swell and mix with apples. Stuff the goose with the mass and sew it. Put the goose on the frying tray and add _ of a glass of water, place into a hot oven and make it brown, turning it several times. It is ready in three hours.

A few minutes the goose is ready, put the rest of the apples near it, pour with the fat and let it fry in a hot oven until they are soft. Take away the stiffed raisins and apples from the ready goose and put it on the dish around the goose.

Boiled rice with raising and honey

200 gr. of refined wheat, 150 gr. of poppy-seed, 50 gr. of nuts, 50 gr. of raisins, vanilla sugar, honey and sugar.

Wash the wheat and boil until it is ready. Pour the poppy-seed with water and boil it until it is easily powdered with hands. Filter the poppy seed through the sieve, mince it and join with wheat, add minces nuts, scalded raisins, honey, vanilla sugar. Put the mass into a dish. Serve cooled.

Boiled rice with raising and honey (2)

A glass of rice, 100 gr. of raisins without seeds, 100 gr. of honey. Pour a glass and a half of water over a glass of rice and boil it three minutes on a hot gas stove, six minutes on a medium hot gas stove and three on a warm gas stove, then leave the mass closed for twelve minutes, letting rice infuse of the steam. In another dish boil raisins and join with the rice, add honey dissolved in a small amount of boiled water.

Dish eaten on Christmas eve.

According to orthodox church regulations Christians should eat sochivo on Christmas. This is the recipe:

A glass of wheat grains, 100 gr. of poppy-seeds, 100 gr of walnut kernels, 1-3 of table spoonfuls of honey, sugar.

Wheat grains are minced with a wooden spoon, with a small amount of water, so that the membrane of the grains separated. Then the kernels are separated and washed. A porridge is boiled, cooled and sweetened with sugar.

Poppy-seeds are rubbed until poppy milk is extracted and honey is added and the mass is put into the porridge. If the porridge is thick, then cool water can be added. At the end minced walnut kernels are added.

Sometimes sochivo is made of rice, but the rice should be prepared in a specific way. A glass and a half of boiling water is poured over a glass of rice, put into a saucepan and cover tightly, and boil it three minutes on a heated gas stove, six on a middle hot, and three on a weak gas stove fire. Then don't open the cover for twelve minutes, let it infuse on the steam. The proportion of the components is the same. Sometimes raisins are added but this is not obligatory. It is better to use honey only for sweetening.


250-300 gr. of wheat grains, 100 gr. of raisins, 100 gr. of ginger, honey, sugar.

Pour boiling water over the wheat and boil it. Raisins and ginger are washed and boiled in a different saucepan. Dissolve honey in s small amount of cool water. Mix the porridge with sweet fruit and add some honey or sugar. Kolivo should be eaten at the beginning of the funeral repast.

Pancakes and fritters.

Pancakes and fritters were eaten with honey. Fritters were made of fine wheat flour, with nut oil and served with molasses, honey, sugar. Fritters of big size were called ordered fritters, as they were brought for the funeral repast. Pancakes were red and white and the latter were made of buckwheat flour, the former of wheat flour. Pancakes were not a symbol of shrove holiday as they are now, pies with cheese and pastry straws were.


Flour-350 gr., an egg, milk or water- 580 gr., sugar-20 gr., butter margarine- 25 gr., salt-10 gr., yeast-25 gr.

Dissolve sugar, salt, yeast, in warm water or milk, add eggs and mix until the mass becomes homogeneous, than add fat and knead it, then put it in a warm place for three hours stirring it form time to time. Bake on a hot frying pan, greased with a piece of pork fat or oil. Serve pancakes with caviar, anchovy, salmon, butter, sour cream.

Rye pancakes

Flour -350 gr., water-500gr., cream-100 gr., yeast-25 gr., salt.

Sift the flour and put a half of it into a saucepan, put there dissolved yeast and add warm water until it has the consistence of mustard. Stir it and leave in a warm place until the morning. In the morning add the rest of the flour and warm water, stir it, add some cream, salt, and put the dough in a warm place.

Quick Guriev pancakes.

400 gr. of wheat flour, 8 yolks, 200 gr. of butter, put into a saucepan and stir it carefully, add sour milk until it has the required consistency and whip 8 whites and add it into the batter. After having stirred it bake the pancakes.

Carrot salad with apples.

Grate three carrots, cut two apples into straws. Soaked in warm water raisins mix with apples and carrots. Add honey, dissolved in water and trim the dish with carrots and apples cut into pieces.

Carrot- beet-onion-cabbage salad.

200 gr. of carrots, 200 gr. of cabbage, 200 gr. of beet, a tuft of leek, honey, lemon juice.

Grate the vegetables, not mixing them. Put the cabbage into a round salad dish. Put grated carrot around it, and then grated beet around the carrot. Pour lemon juice mixed with honey over the salad, and trim with a cut into pieces leek.

Gourd-melon-apple salad.

Grate gourd (about half a kilogram), two big apples, and a melon. Season the salad with half a glass of dissolved in water honey.

Gourd and apple salad.

100 gr. of gourd, 100 gr. of apples, a tea spoonful of lemon juice of any other fruit juice, a tea spoonful of honey.

Cut gourd, apples into straws, or grate them, add sour fruit juice or lemon juice, lemon or orange peel, honey and sprinkle with grinded nuts.

Fruit honey cake.

1 kg of dry grape (Corinthian, or Damascus), 4 eggs, 5 cups of flour, two tea cups of honey, a cup of butter, a cup of milk, a tea spoonful of soda, a tea spoonful of grinded cloves, a spoonful of cinnamon, a pinch of grinded nutmeg.

Mix it all and fry on a light gas stove fire.

Such cake can be kept for months.

Fruit under honey coat. (cold dish)

Take ripen grapes, cherries, apricots, peaches, currants, cut their stems and put into bottles, pour honey over them until they are covered with honey, and the fruit can be kept for months.

Honey vinegar.

Take a kilogram of honey into a liter of water, a crust of bread, and a spoonful of yeast. Put the vinegar into a warm place, so that the process of fermentation was quick, and when the solution becomes completely transparent, pour it into bottles.


English translation © Irina Yelsukova