Zemfira Zagidullina On the planet of love

The exposition "Planet of love" of a young painter Zemfira Zagidullina represents graphic works that express the author's world of inner images. Soft lines, bright colour spots create the atmosphere of a feast, happy calmness and harmony. Zemfira Zagidullina is a professional painter and a teacher. She graduated from Yoshkar-Ola arts college and the graphic arts faculty of Chebocsary Teacher Training Institute. At present she works with children of pre-school age. Her goal is to develop their creativity, image thinking and other qualities she herself possesses naturally.

"Planet of love" consists of graphic works filled with symbols and mixture of associations. The painter comes up with her image system that includes applied crafts, line plastics and manner of children's pictures. She deliberately chooses this manner to establish an active dialogue with her spectators.

This connection relies on the intellect of the partner, able to understand the language of thoughts and feelings. The author persuades her spectators that they should look. for the truth inside themselves. However all "cosmic" thoughts, her attitude to people and the world prove to be very real, human.

The painter's works are spiritual symbols. Her world is very fragile, but being defenseless, it resists stupid cruelty. In her works the evil is defeated by the power of love, kindness and simple wisdom.

Zemfira is a painter and as each individual - an unknown planet. This planet is full of tenderness, desire to establish contact between other unknown planets of people, to diminish tensencss of misunderstanding, to build up friendship, love and to avoid... loneliness.

The reality in her works is illusive. She streams of air and light involve us in the world of harmony of nature and people, but we realize that this world is romantic - it captures a child's soul. That's probably why, the painter come to terms with children easily because their language of images isn't disturbed by reality.

"Past""The Spirit of the Town""Mystery""Illusions"

"Thoughts of Future""Imagination""Kleopatra"

More works of the painter

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Zagidullina Zemfira
Russia, Mari El,
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