Public organization of disabled persons of the republic of Mari El "ASSOCIATION of BLIND STUDENTS."

Our non-commercial organization is starting a program of rehabilitation of disabled blind people "The blind can see with the help of a computer". The program is aimed at teaching the blind and those having bad eyesight bee-keeping and using a computer. A psychologist and a lawyer work for our association. The disabled are given advice and practical assistance free of charge. We want to teach the blind and those having bad eyesight to earn a living themselves and not to hope for state subsidy, to help them adapt to social life, find a job or start their own business. Blind invalids are paid a monthly disability pension which is less than $20. It's about 40% less than living-wage in our country is. Moreover, not all invalids can get it.

"Association of blind students" was registered on August 17, 1999. The founders are blind invalids. Within the framework of our project we plan to open a specialized school to teach the blind to work on the computer and bee-keeping. It's a question of vital importance for our republic as there are more than 2000 people having very poor eyesight and much more persons have various eyesight problems. There are 62 members in our association. You can see the list of the most active persons.

At present we are trying to find some finances to carry out the project. Several times we appealed to the government of the republic for aid. But it is indifferent to the needs of the blind. Some people and firms have offered us their assistance. Mass media of the republic also supports our project - newspapers "Mariyskaya Pravda", "Moskovskiy Komsomolets in Mari El", "Mestnoye Vremya", "Yoshkar-Ola", radio stations "Radio-M", "Radio Channel-3", "Puls Radio", "Radio Europe Plus Yoshkar-Ola".

Perhaps our activity and our project will interest you. We'll be thankful for any donations. We'll be able to report on expenditure. Besides we can tell about you in local mass media. We'll be thankful for any help or advice. We are ready to answer all your questions.

Please send your cheque to the address:

42400 Mari El, Russia,
Komsomolskaya st. 125/401
"Association of blind students."

Tel. (8362) 55-72-09
Fax. (8362) 55-63-34
E-mail: nadirbee@mari-el.ru

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February, 2000